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My DreamHack Experience with Quantic Center

By Panduhkayy

Thu 6th Jun 2013 - 2:58am Category: Starcraft 2

Hi all, long time no see.

I recently returned home from my first DreamHack experience, and I wanted to take this time to share with you how that went for me.

DreamHack Stockholm was the first international tournament I have had the chance to participate in since becoming a SC2 professional player; so the experience and the memories will always be extremely vivid for me.


With this being my first international tournament to travel to, I was really worried about the long flight. Hearing that it would be anywhere around 13 hours of flight time made me worry, that I would become extremely tired and not on my game to play, but I was wrong. It was a lot of fun on the flight and I even had the chance to get some extremely well rested sleep. I had a layover flight in Paris, France, and while I was waiting, I met had the chance to meet EG.Oz; the head coach for EG. He wasn’t the only one though, I met a bunch of other players and it was nice to then have some people I knew and could talk to, to finish my travels to Stockholm. When I finally landed in Stockholm, I met up with the Quantic Manager, HyuN, and we were told someone would be picking us up; however, no one was not there, so I began to get worried. After about 45 minutes, someone finally showed up and we went to the hotel. The stress from the airport quickly made me tired, so I took a short nap.

Game Time

The first day, I had the chance to meet up with a few fellow players like, Leenock, Gumiho, and Polt; we all caught up and grabbed a bite to eat together; then came game time. First up, I had Naniwa in my group. Of course, the DreamHack Admin wanted me to wait for the stream to play, and I told myself that “I would win!” and “Not to worry!” I tried to keep my mind set to a positive strategy thinking. After that game, I had the chance to talk with a lot of people who were at the event, while waiting for my second group. My second group stage was by far, my worst match ups, I was faced up with an EU terran player. I was ahead in the first game, but I ended up losing 2 games in a row; the first game and then I lost to Zerg player, so I was eliminated out of DreamHack.

Quantic Center at Dreamhack

The craziest thing is, I was really confident in my game play, because my practice win-ratio was perfect; but I didn't know how that single EU player's game style was until I was faced up against him. When I lost, this terrible sad feeling and emotion came over me, it was unlike anything I’ve felt. One bad thing was, my group had so many rematches, so of course, only my group has ended up on daybreak. After I lost, so many people came up to me to let me know that, “it was okay” or “the first time is really stressful.” It actually made me feel a little bit better in side, but of course I was still sad for my loss. So, I eventually went to hotel and fell asleep quickly, I didn't want to show other people that I was depressed from my game play.

On the last tournament day, I was cheering for Quantic HyuN so much and ended up watching so many games that day. When the final match ups started, the atmosphere was crazy intense and hot! It was really extremely impressive and a really fun place to be. Unfortunately, HyuN lost on Ro8, making the final match up was Leenock vs Naniwa; and all the EU people were shouting "NANI, NANI, NANI", It was really cool to experience. That’s when I promised myself that "I would making it to the final match up at the next tournament I played in."

Heading Home

On the way back home from DreamHack, I was so nervous for another 13 hour plane ride, but I realized that a handful of EG people were on the same flight as I was. So finally, when I arrived back home in Korea, HyuN and I met up, and he bought a meal for me. Making it back to my house, I was able to lay down and finally rest after a long and extremely eventful event.

So there you have it, my very own DreamHack experience. It was a lot of fun and a terrific experience for being a beginning StarCraft 2 player. I hope that I can make it to a few more events like, MLG, DreamHack, WCS and other events. I want to have the chance to show everyone who I really am, how I can be a strong player and how I can make things fun for those around me.

Thank you for reading my blog, see you again soon.

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