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League of Legends Team Update

By dipplestix

Sun 29th Sep 2013 - 9:50am Category: League of Legends

Picture of SuNo


Quantic Gaming is proud to announce the addition of a new solo laner to our League of Legends team: An "SuNo" Sun-ho.

SuNo was the former Top Laner for SKT Telecom T1 1, the sister team of the current World's Semi-Finalists SKT Telecom T1. SuNo will replace former Quantic top laner Woong, who has decided to return to Korea for personal reasons. Locodoco, Quantic's ADC, explained his reasoning behind recruiting SuNo:  

"I chose SuNo as I know him well, he has good work ethics, and he's shown he can be a strong mid and top."

SuNo is excited to enter the North American League scene and outlined his reasons for joining Quantic:

"I think we will be able to produce good results while having fun because Gunza, who I've known since PSW, Prime, and Loco are here. I decided to choose this team because I have a lot to learn from Loco, who has had a lot of prior experience, and because I think that living in the US will be a great experience."

With this change, our current roster for League of Legends is:

Solo Laners: Apple and SuNo
Jungle: Prime
ADC: Locodoco
Support: Gunza

SuNo is already living at the Quantic Gaming house in California, where he is currently leveling his account to 30 so that he can participate in ranked 5s and ranked solo queue. The team continues its fast climb up the Ranked 5s Ladder and, as of this announcement, currently sits in Diamond 2 with 83 LP and a win rate of over 90%. The team is confident they will be able to reach the top of the standings in time to compete in the Challenger Circuit Qualifiers for LCS. 

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