An effort to help those with unpaid dues from Quantic Gaming

In an effort to assist the management, staff and players who have been affected by the collapse of Quantic Gaming, I have decided to put their website up for sale, with all proceeds going directly to those who lost earnings and prize money.

As this website was under a temporary license and not owned by Quantic I invite all who wish to own this eSports website (without domain name obviously) to please send offers via Twitter to @GavWeeks with the hashtag #HelpQuanticStaff.

I am not and have never been a member of the Quantic team, just a service provider. The sale would include all features and theme. The domain name (owned by Simon I presume) and data (such as users and content) are not included for privacy purposes. I will be happy to rebrand the website at no cost.

Gavin Weeks

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About us

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What is Quantic?

The Quantic name is a staple in the gaming community. A ground-breaking collaboration of respected and top tier organizations, the new Quantic isn't an attempt at recreating the past, but the creation of a new and exciting future. Based on an operating entity with a proven track record, and enriched with the talent, staff, resources, and capabilities of the combined companies, the new Quantic will continue the tradition of providing a turnkey solution for generating activations within gaming culture.

A growing industry

Also known as "competitive gaming" or "pro-gaming", eSports is serious business. With the gaming industry already surpassing the film industry in size, it is only natural that gamers have become increasingly interested in seeing the best-of-the-best compete at the highest level.There's multi-million dollar leagues, player associations, legions of fanatical spectators, and countless big-name sponsors. Professional gaming has gone big.